Accounting case study questions

Accounting case study questions

65. Roger shows Jacob some paperwork signed by Mary and Ed, and it does seem to support what Roger is saying. Here you can download a number of additional case studies to help you in your studies of Management Accounting. They are getting divorced from each other and have agreed on issues dealing with child custody and child support and alimony. Her Last Will and Testament says that Suzie, another niece, is to get the ring. A few weeks later, Roger the Repo Man knocks on Jacob's door and says he has come to pick up the tractor, because his client, The Happy Lawn Tractor Company, has a security interest on the tractor until it is paid for. Joan is 85 years old and expects to die within the next six months. Sally and Suzie then get into an argument over who gets the ring.

55 for the lawn mower. Explain this statement: while all types of employment discrimination might be ethically or morally wrong, all forms of employment discrimination are not illegal. Give the legal theory for your answer. 5. After I'm gone, come on by and get it. Things go well and by the end of the day, most of the contents have been sold and hauled away by the various buyers. If you do not have Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat on your system, you may wish to download free, read-only versions of these programs from the and Web sites. No payments have been received in three months.

Lecturers: Solutions and Teaching Notes to accompany these additional case studies are available from the Lecturer Centre of this OLC. These are available in either Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF formats. Jacob, the next-door neighbor of Mary and Ed, has been keeping an eye on the progress of the yard sale all day and is very happy to see the lawn mower has not been sold. Mary and Ed look at each other, shrug, and tell Jacob he has a deal. He pays cash for the tractor, starts it up, and drives it to his own garage. In addition, they have agreed to sell their house and to split the proceeds equally. While visiting one day, Joan says to Sally, I want you to have my ring when I die, so I will keep it hidden under the rug for you. Joan dies a month later.

Sally says, I accept your gift. On the day of the yard sale, they empty much of the contents of the house and garage onto their spacious front lawn and wait for buyers to show up. Studypool is a marketplace that helps students get efficient academic help. One item that went unsold was a tractor lawn mower. 8. Give the legal reasons for your answer. Sally says she is entitled to it because it was a gift from Joan. He explains to Jacob that Mary and Ed had purchased the tractor from the company the year before and were required to make 79 monthly payments.

Not wanting to get into prolonged disputes with each other about the contents of the house and garage and who gets what, they decide to have a yard sale and to split the profits of the sale. Accounting case study questions. Thank you. She wants to make sure her favorite niece, Sally, gets her diamond ring. Mary and Ed move the next week. Thinking Mary and Ed will be anxious to get rid of it, now that no one else has bought it, he wanders over and offers Mary and Ed $755. Mary is a dentist and Ed is an accountant. Suzie says she gets the ring because of the Last Will and Testament.

Address Sally's and Suzie's claims and explain who gets the ring.

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