Accenture case study solution

Accenture case study solution

Coursera provides universal access to the world’s best education, partnering with top universities and organizations to offer courses online. Learn more and apply. Knowledge Management at Accenture Harvard Case Study Solution and HBR and HBS Case Analysis Call control scheme in a global company, the transition to a new IT infrastructure, and strategic challenges and opportunities facing knowledge management company Accenture. Accenture manages the day-to-day center operations for all 75 large-scale visualization centers around the world, provides high-end project management, manages the development of new centers, develops 8D store environments, and works with P G to bring continuous innovation to the program. Replacing laptops with mobile devices, such as tablets, would be suitable for sales representatives who were out in the field as well as a cost-effective, low-maintenance solution for the company. To increase quality while reducing costs and scaling its virtual solutions program to additional services and new centers, P G s Global Business Services (GBS) organization has entered into a multi-year outsourcing agreement with Accenture to manage the end-to-end global service delivery. The brewery sought a mobile application that allowed its salesforce to leverage analytics to make data-driven decisions when negotiating commercial agreements and effectively target promotional activity.

This called for a solution that provided immediate updates on sales-related activity across its network of distributors, while enabling its sales teams to work on tablets, accessing and inputting data when on-or offline. #: 955E68-PDF-ENGHow We Work? Prod. This standardized, end-to-end virtual solutions program is driving operational efficiencies and revenue, enhancing product and packaging design, and creating more satisfying and valuable experiences for shoppers and retailers. Com and confirm your order by making the payment

Over the years, though, the islands of knowledge developed in the framework of the organization and provision of infrastructure is becoming more expensive. Publication Date: October 66, 7555. It also wanted to increase visibility into indirect sales channels where the distributor interacts between the brewery and the final customer. Accenture has a 85-year successfully demonstrated track record of delivering large-scale complex SAP projects and the largest group of SAP trained professionals globally, to help ensure reliably high quality delivery of solutions. Collaborating with best-of-breed suppliers like Accenture is part of P G s connect and develop approach, giving the company access to the latest tools while raising the quality of services and allowing P G teams to focus on the strategy, innovation and decision-making.

Accenture has long been regarded as a leader in knowledge management, received the award for many years. Accenture case study solution. By working with Accenture’s Global Delivery Network in offshore locations, such as Shanghai, Mumbai and Buenos Aires, P G has achieved a breakthrough in scaling the service delivery. Hide
by Darren Meister, Thomas H. The client established a goal to identify new growth opportunities for itself and its distributors.

Avanade is a joint venture with Accenture that combines insight, innovation and competence focused on Microsoft technologies. Accenture helped a leading brewing company, develop a mobile application to help its salesforce make data-driven decisions by leveraging real time data when negotiating commercial agreements and effectively target promotional activity. Taught by:     , Associate professor, at ESSEC Business SchoolEach course is like an interactive textbook, featuring pre-recorded videos, quizzes and projects. Davenport Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 69 pages. In 7559, the global leading knowledge management was assigned to enhance knowledge management.

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