Academic strengths and weaknesses essay

These are all more general types of strengths that can help students excel in any subject—i. Academic strengths can vary from student to student, but some popular ones include organizational skills, attention to detail, punctuality, and the willingness to go the extra mile. Academic strengths are often overlooked by students because they come naturally or because specific situations prevent students from discovering strengths. In brief:   “Before diving into this issue again, I would like to point out that many experienced interviewers will try to avoid these questions, because questions about strength and weaknesses immediately keep a person on the defensive and takes the interview into a negative atmosphere. E. However, if the interviewer does ask you about your strengths and weaknesses, you may need to have some intelligent answers that will not seem boastful or phony. In most interviews, the topic of strengths and weaknesses will be addressed. ”Here are some aspects (with detailed explanation) that you may put forward as being your strengths: Customer care, Call center and sales: Communication skills, patience, having good interpersonal skills.

Employing these academic strengths can take students a long way—through high school, college, and beyond. Creativity, communication skill, organizational skill, problem-solving skills, …. Make a tax-deductible donation and receive an immediate forums account upgrade!
You should upgrade or use an. Is it from the perspective of the student evaluating himself? A team player who shares knowledge and ideas with colleagues. Join thousands of fellow college students, health professional students and practicing doctors from across the United States and Canada. Math in this case is an academic strength. Students can help develop their focus by linking class assignments to their interests and to knowledge and skills they already possess. We are a non-profit academic community founded in 6999. You are using an out of date browser. Each of these perspectives are going to see different (or wish to see different) strengths and weaknesses. The academic strength in this example is the ability to do math the academic weakness is the inability to do history.

Positivity grows out of the consistent use of these strengths and others and creates a sense of optimism and trust that makes learning fun and exciting. Can you visualize abstract concepts ( for example, needed in physics or philosophy)Some people are better at math than history. G. The skills that one gets in a work environment (e. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Cultivating these strengths helps students enhance their performance both in the classroom and in their studies outside of the classroom. Academic strengths are skills and talents that help a student learn efficiently and succeed in academic pursuits. For example, international students who major in engineering have higher math scores than verbal scores. As part of our mission, we ensure our student resources are always provided for free or at cost. This kind of stick-to-itiveness enables students to build up another valuable academic strength, self-assurance. Such skills ensure the student gets work done on time (or ahead of time), keeps track of all important notes and assignments, doesn t try to coast through any part of an assignment without giving it all the effort needed, and most of all, cares genuinely about pushing him- or herself to perform to his or her best potential. Or are you asking about how an administrative person would rate their school? Are among some of the examples.

Too helpful: Crossing limits while helping teammates. This is because your prospective employer wants to know your work style, how you interact or relate with others and most importantly your personality. Academic strengths are important to note when applying for college since the environment is often competitive. Identify the strengths that will contribute to a successful job performance. In this regard, you should make a list of strengths and weaknesses. Our mission: help students become doctors. Focus mostly on your strength and explain giving examples of how your strength is evident in your work performance. Academic strengths and weaknesses essay. Before I could even begin to answer this question I would need to know from what or whos perspective are we trying to answer this question from? In particular, one should identify the strengths that are needed for a positive outcome. Challenging oneself academically helps a student discover and hone these strengths. You see this all the time with standardized tests that are designed to show strengths and weaknesses. People skills, planning skills, communication skills and much more)Those that make you unique (e.

This helps in getting a better grasp of class material and in expanding base skills. Students who are not shy about taking command of tasks or situations should fine-tune this strength by applying it to challenging academic material. It also helps in their development as individuals. Perhaps it is a student or family evaluating a prospective school? , computer knowledge, languages, degrees, training and technical ability). Creativity, critical-thinking skills, communications skills, problem-solving skills, listening skills and perseverance can all be considered academic strengths. Setting a schedule and sticking to the spirit of it, if not always the details, helps some students get through rough periods that sink other equally gifted students. Academic strengths can be determined in various ways such as self-examination, taking on new or challenging classes or through aptitude tests. Self-assurance, in turn, ensures that students won't shy away from challenging situations in the future. Hardworking, friendly, reliable and dependable, ability to work with little to no supervision, expressive and punctual)Skills acquired from education and experience (e. Programmers and R D: A quick learner who enjoys learning new things. Hence, it would be advisable to think through before answering this question so as to leave a good impression. Below is an approach that can be considered helpful in thinking about your list of strengths and weaknesses.

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