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. The brain begins to develop in the first trimester of pregnancy, even as fetuses we are able to think and begin to develop our personalities inside the womb. Fred is assigned to monitor the group at Bob’s house, but by necessity, that means he must monitor himself as Bob or blow his cover. Start your 98-hour free trial to unlock this resource and thousands more. In dealing with the abuse of this drug, Arctor begins to lose himself and forgets what really makes him who he is. From there we begin to learn what we like to do in life whether it be dancing, singing, painting, playing sports, etc. Bob shares his house with two other users, Barris and Luckman, and has a girlfriend, Donna, who is a small-time dealer. Fred also finds himself disassociated from Bob, reaching a point where the two are unable to guess each other’s actions.

Personality and character traits are really the basis of determining who we are as people. The title of the novel refers to the surveillance tool and the consequences when Bob/Fred cannot comprehend what he sees. Our souls, character and appearance determine who we are as people, without these three attributes it would be very difficult to differentiate between one human from the next. When identifying who we are as people, physical appearance is less important in comparison to our spirits and mindsets. These attributes are major when identifying a person.

Bob is addicted to Substance D—the “D” standing primarily for Death—and is ostensibly using Donna to find the source of this drug. At the same time, Barris comes to the police and. When surveillance of Bob’s house intensifies because of suspicious behavior, so do acts of sabotage occurring against Bob. As young children we begin to develop a personality, one that is based off of the people we are surrounded with. One can be judged by their physical appearance and be separated from one person to the next simply based on that, however, if asked who Bob Marley is as a person, the answer would be far more detailed than if only asked what he looks like.

Dick’s A Scanner Darkly, the protagonist, Bob Arctor, has fallen victim to a highly addictive drug called Substance D, which has the side effect of splitting the personality in one’s mind. Government agents conduct tests on Fred and discover Substance D has damaged his brain, splitting his personae. If you are born into a wealthy family, it is more than likely that you will live a wealthy lifestyle if you are born into a poor family, it is more than likely that you will live a poor lifestyle. Our 85,555+ summaries will help you comprehend your required reading to ace every test, quiz, and essay. As Fred, he finds himself reviewing the recordings of Bob and his friends, finding himself in knotty discussions with his supervisor and fellow agents about the results.

Our personalities begin to develop when we are first able to open our eyes, smile and really when we begin to communicate with each other. The body serves only as a shuttle for our spirits and minds, without these two assets our bodies would simply only be empty shells. In society, we are first identified by how much money we have, then by how we look and at last we begin to learn more about each other to identify who our characters are through how we wish to portray ourselves. To prevent corruption, the government uses scramble suits to protect the identity of agents not even supervisors know who they are underneath. As we enter the world and begin living, our surrounding environments control the outcomes of our minds, bodies and spirits.

A scanner darkly essay topics. Our spirits begin to develop at an early age and although they can be slightly altered as life goes on, we never really change entirely. Fred is an undercover narcotics agent who poses as drug user Bob Arctor.

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