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Many biographers have emphasised the supposedly lonely lives led by Charlotte, her father, brother and sisters in their parsonage at Haworth in Yorkshire. York Notes Advanced are the ultimate guides to English Literature, whether you re an A Level student or undergraduate. You almost unearthly thing! Gives the reader the essence
of being part of the story, like Nelly directly telling Mr. Lockwood Wuthering heights and the
Grange in Wuthering Heights.
· Uses Byronic character (typical in Gothic novels ) an idealized but flawed heroin. Technique Structure
· A form of a Bildungsroman as Jane Eyre is based on Jane s childhood and her maturing
character, focusing on emotions and experiences in her growth towards adulthood. John s proposal I claim you- not for my pleasure, but for my sovereign service. Everything you need to know about Jane Eyre to succeed in your A Level or undergraduate studies.

Including quotes, notes on language, form and structure and the life of janeA presentation done in class, it should be helpful as a summary and last minute revision for the exam. Written by established literature experts, York Notes give you everything you need for an in-depth study of the text. )
· Past Tense: I have now been marred ten years. Now in full colour and a new A9 size, the York Notes Jane Eyre revision guide for AS A7 is even easier to use, and contains a wealth of detailed content, plus essential help with exam practice and revision. You are using an outdated browser. York Notes Advanced offer a fresh and accessible approach to English Literature. This market-leading series has been specially designed to meet the needs of today s A Level and undergraduate students. York Notes+ online edition - all the content from the print guide, PLUS:
· No fear of death will darken St. They include:

Nature must be gladsome when I was so
happy. John s last hour: his mind will be unclouded his heart will be
undaunted his hope will be sure his faith steadfast.
· Pathetic fallacy: And what ailed the chestnut tree? Romanticised biographies published in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries, many of them written by novelists, and often based on speculation or partial evidence, encouraged this image of an isolated, almost magical family of writers.
· Mysterious, spiritual:. Much has been made of Haworth s proximity to wild moorland and its alleged remoteness from the worlds of business, industry and politics, and it has therefore been seen as extraordinary that young women who knew so little of life and lived at such a distance from the centres of literature and culture should be able to write such accomplished novels. Other Quotes
· St. Now available online too, with expert podcasts and our unique essay-writing tool, Essay Wizard. NOW AVAILABLE! . 856 8567 77 Registered Office: International House, Queens Road, Brighton, BN6 8XE

The great horse-chestnut at the bottom of the orchard had been
struck by lightning in the night, and half of it split away. With in-depth notes on Language and style, Narrative technique and Structure and overviews of key critical responses and relevant contexts, York Notes Advanced will introduce you to a sophisticated analysis of the text, and provide an essential foundation for developing your own ideas and analysis. Language
· Imagery:
· Figurative Language:
· a waft of wind came sweeping down the laurel-walk, and trembled through the boughs of
the chestnut: it wandered away­ to an indefinite distance­ it died. Please to improve your experience. Fresh and fragrant breeze. York Notes for AS and A7 on Jane Eyre is an indispensable study and revision guide, providing everything you need to know about Charlotte Bront 's classic novel of love and self-fulfilment, from chapter analysis and extended commentaries to key themes such as 'Growing up' and 'The Search for Identity' with notes on Structure, Form and Language, Contexts, and Crotical Viewpoints.
· The use of directly talking to the reader Reader, I married him. Another element in this myth is the sense of doom that seemed to pursue the family: a mother who died young, two sisters who died in childhood, and the deaths of three of the siblings in less than a year between September 6898 and May 6899, leaving Charlotte alone. - I love you as my own flesh. Additional guidance comes in the form of new Key Quotations and Revision focus features, an essential exam section with sample questions and answers to help boost your grade, and brand new interactive features available online! It writhed and groaned while wind
roared in the laurel walk, and came sweeping over us.

· the eyes shone dark and wild the hair streamed shadowy, like a beamless cloud torn by
storm or by electric travail.
· Mr Rochester s proposal You strange almost unearthly thing! A level jane eyre questions. Used a lot
by English Romantic poet Lord Byron. Whether you re an A Level student or an undergraduate, York Notes Advanced provide everything you need to know about Bront s famous tale of love, loss and love regained, from chapter summaries and extended commentaries to key themes such as Moral Courage and Self-fulfilment, and Religious faith.
· Through Jane an observation of human nature is made, both good and bad.
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Jane Eyre York Notes for A Level (AS A7) is comprehensive, easy to use and will help you achieve the best possible grades. Written by A Level examiners and teachers to give you an expert understanding of the text and the exam, they include: Everything you need to know to help you learn, revise effectively and write the very best answers when studying Jane Eyre for your A Level English Literature. Register Number: 59666885 (England and Wales), VAT No.

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