A journey by bus essay 200 words

A journey by bus essay 200 words

Some of them came to travel by bus to different places. The bus was big in size. The entire compound was crowed b passengers. I had got the opportunity of seeing a chain of hills and thick forest all around. I did not face any difficulty in booking a ticket. There was also a big crowed outside the inquiry office. Some ticket-holders were busy in getting their goods loaded on the bus. So, I found a noisy scene at the bus-stand.

Once I had a journey by bus from Cuttack to Basantapur. The careful driver drove the bus smoothly along the curved roads. Many hawkers and pedlars were busy in selling their articles. Hawkers were shouting to sell their goods, and children were weeping and crying. Image source: xboxoz865. I got the rare opportunity of visiting a place named-Daringbari in the district of Phulbani during the X-mas holidays. Other attractive feature of the forest is the moving of Adivasi hunters with bow and arrows in their hands. By 6 A. Then he started the bus. This place is a very nice one for picnic purpose as there are many springs in the midst of the thick forest. I rested in my uncle's house and next day went to various spots with my cousin brother. Most bus stations can be found right next to the train station or near the city centre. At first, the bus moved slowly. There are several options. We were told that the bus which was just leaving was to leave in half-an-hour. That can be done easily, by using the train, bus, metro, tram or boat. Wikimedia. The place is worth visiting anytime in a year. The sound of the peacock was being heard from a far off place when the bus was moving in the midst of a jungle road. It was still very hot but fans were out of order. Though it seemed to give a feeling of boredom to many of the passengers I was enjoying the scenes on the way. People were moving this way that way. There was a tap at some distance, but again there was a huge crowed around it.

Hardly had I waited for an hour when the bus reached the stand. And then return disappointed. The TfL website uses cookies. M. The visit of the sightseeing was of utmost attraction for me. JpgDuring the last Dusssehra vacations, some of my friends and I decided to go to Delhi to see the Rajghat, the Qutab Minar and the Tri-Murti Bhawan, the residence of the last Prime Minister Nehru. The cleaner closed all the doors. So, I reached the bus-stand at 5 O clock in the morning. People, tired of waiting, were making frantic inquires. Hence we waited patiently and surveyed the scene around us. Journey by bus is now very common in our country. Buy your ticket for the bus and entrance to the Keukenhof now. It had a capacity of holding thirty passengers within it. In the past, sometimes people covered even long distances on foot. A journey by bus is definitely a peasant experience. We decided to travel by bus. The bus was served by three employees, titled as Conductor, Driver and Cleaner. I had heard of the place from many of my friends. It is called the Kashmir of Orissa on account of snow fall. There are elephants in the jungle of Daringbari. It was the bus for Delhi. As a bus would arrive, people would rush to ward it. Learn more about cookies

The place is a valley with sweet scented flower bearing trees. It was a scene of hurry and bustle that met the eye. At last, after waiting for full one hour a bus from Dehradun arrived. I found a lot of men at bus-stand. Even women were standing. The conductor pulled the string of the bell twice, the bell rang. I booked a lower-class ticket and got into the bus. Train is suited for long distance travel, while for short-distance journeys bus is more convenient. On the way the bus used to halt at various places. The journey was not wearisome as the sight of the jungles by the road was eye catching. Our plan was to reach Delhi by 66 A. We felt extremely thirsty, and looked for water. Most of the time visitors from other states of India come to the place for sightseeing. The driver made horn-sounds. Some people were busy in purchasing tickets. People now prefer travel by bus to by train. The thick forest on both the sides of the roads was a worth enjoying scenery, which I did not like to miss. The driver took up his seat near the engine and put his hands on the steering. Do you want to discover the Netherlands? But now they travel either by train or by bus. Wordpress. Coolies moved about with bundles of luggage on their heads. Com/7566/56/oxcgns-interview-with-thatgamecompany-oxcgn-6.

You can visit the Keukenhof between March 78rd and May 76st 7567. Since the number of passengers on that day was not much. Buses were coming and going practically every minute. So we had to remain standing. By continuing to access the site you are agreeing to their use. Then it was speeded up. M, and return in the evening by the last bus. Eagerly we rushed towards the ticket window before us. There was a long line of passengers outside each of the booking-windows. JpgThe Cuttack-Balikuda Bus was due to start at 6 A. Files. We had to move through ghat roads in the midst of bends and curves. A journey by bus essay 200 words. Image source: upload. Accordingly, we reach the Government bus stand exactly at 8 A. There were some tea-stalls where the passengers took tea and Tiffin. There were only a few benches and they were already full. The bus was full to its capacity. The bus reached Daringbari at about 6 P. Since the bus services on the main roots were nationalized, bus journey has become more and more popular. Their relatives came to see them off. The conductor and the cleaner came inside. On reaching the bus stand, we found a long queue out side the ticket windows.

At another time, they went from one place to another in their bullock carts. There are two classes in the bus, namely upper class and lower class. I went to the place from Boudh bus stand.

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