A hot day essay

Fortunately I had a thick towel with me. M. In about an hour I was at the hospital and was sitting beside my friend. Even an umbrella cannot provide respite, You get drenched in your sweat as if you have been out in the rain. He was in the hospital and he wanted me to see him. The hot gusts of wind seemed to burn me. It is difficult to find any shade other than the bus stops where already you can find people crowded together. The days are cool in the morning but they get hot and hotter as the sun rises high.

It begins to get hot in February and the heat continues up to September. The plants and trees look withered. The earth is heated like a furnace. The blazing sun outside seemed too terrible to bear. Poor creatures try to seek shelter in some sandy nook. There is not a single cloud in the sky. There are four seasons in our country. They drink cool sun. I never thought it would be so hot outside. Very few people go out. They keep lying in some pond or tank, if one is availed. The roads and streets are generally deserted from 66 a. By this time my patience was exhausted. Only pedestrian or two moved in the street. The buffaloes black in color, feel hotter than other animals. There are few people on the road. I had not to wait long. The bus moved. After an hour s waiting the bus arrived. We can experience the severe cold of winter, the pleasant weather during autumn and spring, the humidity of the rainy season and the harsh heat of summer. The bus came and I boarded it. Com/wp-content/uploads/7569/55/summer-wallpaper-images-7569. Indian is a hot country. It grows hotter and hotter.

They pant continuously for breath. A hot day essay. In India June and July are the hottest months of the year. Summer vacation. Their bodies are wet with perspiration. I had to walk a few furlongs before I reached my house. People of Delhi have to bear extreme hot and sunny weather from March till September every year. I went to the bus stand and waited for the bus. As he rises higher and higher in the sky, he shines more and more brightly. The roads were all deserted. My shoes, my clothes and my whole body, seemed to burn. At last I reached Karol Bagh. It was now burning hot. It was also burning hot. Every season has its own joys and pains the summer in Delhi is very harsh but the respite one gets from it while indoors is so sweet that the pain is forgotten and enjoyment gets heightened. Many of them have to work in the burning rays of the sun. They drink cold water from earthen pitchers to satisfy their thirst. Only lazy people remain lying on their beds. But in India it is very hot. Thereafter I set out for home. One of my friends had been suddenly taken ill. India is a land of many seasons. People mostly shut themselves indoor. I rushed into the bus.

I got ready to go. The sunrise has no beauty about it. The people try to finish all their work as quickly as possible. Hot winds beings to blow. I had, therefore, to be by his side till 7 o clock. They order cold drinks again and again. One looks for refuge, one looks for places with shade to walk under but unfortunately, with hardly any trees around, there is no escape. The schools were closed on account of. I stepped down. I had to wait for quite sometime for the bus. The hospital was about six miles away. It comes in the month of April and lasts till July. Still I felt very hot. I wrapped, it round my head and waited. I thought I was in an oven. The market is busy. One a hot day in summer even the morning is very close. Some boys and men go out for a bath in the river, canal or tank. The sun is harsh and cruel, the heat is scorching. There is no cool breeze and no dew on the grass. They play the hand to get relief from heat. The shopkeepers are dozing. People are seen walking about doing their business. The condition of birds and animals is equally bad.

Most of my friends had gone to the hills. Days were getting hotter and hotter. Birds, beasts and men were nowhere to be seen. The streets look deserted. Everyday the newspaper reported the rise in the mercury level. The sun rises upon a bare blue sky. The blazing sun makes you tired and one perspires profusely. My friend was very ill. But the poor people are very miserable. The rich people who have no work go out for a walk. In summer morning is the busiest time. The grass is pale and dry. In the cities the rich people lie down under the fans, or sit in front of coolers. M to 8 p. Perhaps they too had as urgent a business as I had. I heaved a sigh of relief. At noon, the towns and cities look deserted. In England, the summer is a happy time. Image Source: lashwallpapers. It was about 65 a. It is so hot in India that all schools, colleges and some of the Government offices and courts are closed for summer vacation. JpgOne day, however, I received an urgent message. It was the month of June. It becomes difficult to walk in the open especially in the afternoon.

You cannot go bare heated and bare-footed on the hot roads. Summer is one of them. I stayed mostly indoors.

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